Setting Up Your Small Business Email

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update: google apps is no longer free, in my opinion this is a huge change for small business owners

Getting google apps (for free!) for your domain

This way you can have [email protected] (but it will be gmail that you sign into) It’s just 4 easy steps.

For example, it’d be as easy as signing in here

Step 1.

Just go here to sign up (free for under 10 users) setup google-apps-step1

Step 2.

Verify your domain (in the setup area after you sign in) setup google-apps-step1

Step 3.

Then edit your dns mail records with your DNS Manager for your web domain. (you might need your webmaster to help you with this) setup google-apps-step3

Step 4.

Now you can setup ms-outlook or apple-mail : – Using IMAP with your email client via google support

Inspired by the - Ladies Learning Code Wordpress Workshop with Wes Bos.